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Hi there! My name is Alice but most of the time I'm known as Linny. Currently, I'm open for commissions, both SFW as well as NSFW. I do accept any species, any race, anthro, feral, anything! I can provide you with game/oc/fandom fan-art in 2D or 3D. My main medium is Paint Tool Sai, then Source Filmmaker and Photoshop. I love to draw and paint!

Before considering commission, please take a moment to read my Terms of Service. If something is not clear, be sure to contact me first, I'll be glad to help & explain.

Terms Of Service

  • I have right to decline any commission.

  • Customer should choose the way of payment: up-front, half after sketches, after piece is finished.

  • Customer will receive a lower quality image first. If everything is ok, full resolution will be sent after full payment.

  • I will not take commissions that have legal issues, for example NSFW or fetishisation of underage characters. SFW is ok though.

  • As long as the necessary revisions don't go over remaking whole piece, I won't charge additional money.

  • If the customer is not happy with the final result even after many revisions, he gains a right to ask for partial refund. Final refund will depend on how many hours have I spend on the piece. Customer will not receive the full resolution of the piece and will lose all the rights to the piece itself (that means wips/sketches/screenshots etc.)

  • After receiving a full resolution of the piece customer can: use it to promote his characters, print it for personal use, use it as profile icons etc. as long as I'll be mentioned as the artist of the piece. Customer can't: use it for gaining profit, provide that he is the artist of the piece etc.

  • Violence of the ToS can result in a law strikes, so please, if you are not sure how to use my art, contact me :)

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